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Glow on the Go Kit

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A refillable blue-light device designed to pair with the teeth whitening pen for maximum whitening results. Get visibly brighter teeth in as little as one use with zoom-level powered blue light.


  • One (1) Glow on the Go Device
  • Two (2) Teeth Whitening Pens, 0.04 oz each


  • Glow on the Go Device:
    • Water-resistant
    • Zoom-Level Professional Whitening technology takes pen to the next level
    • Beeps after 30 seconds of use as a timer for top and bottom teeth
    • Brush tip designed to target stained teeth and in-between stains
  • Teeth Whitening Pen:
    • Formula penetrates to whiten inside and out
    • Easy to use and portable, great for on the go
    • Ideal as a “refresher” for people who have whitened recently but are noticing new stains
    • Results may be more gradual on darker stains, but frequent use of the pen can deliver significant whitening results
    • Can last for up to two weeks (if used twice daily)
    • Free from fragrances, GMOs, additives, preservatives, sulfates, phosphates, aspartame, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, silicone, and SLS + SLES
    • Vegan

*Results may vary

How to Use

  • Gently twist bottom of the device counterclockwise until dots are lined up and gently pull to remove bottom (this will be where the Whitening Pen goes)
  • Insert pen into Glow on the Go device
  • Replace bottom of device by twisting back on
  • Remove device cap by pulling straight out
  • Twist bottom of device clockwise until the whitening serum of the pen becomes visible — this will require several twists. Turn the dial at the end of the pen until the brush is saturated with serum. The first use may take many turns
  • Press power button to turn on. You will hear a beep
  • Brush the whitening serum across the top row of teeth while focusing on areas with the most amount of staining
  • The device will beep after 30 seconds to indicate that it’s time to move to the bottom row of teeth
  • Extra twists of the device may be required to release more whitening serum
  • The device will beep again after 30 seconds
  • Wipe off or rinse brush tip under warm water after each use and replace cap
  • Replace cap while Blue Light is still on to sanitize
  • Device will automatically turn off once device is done sanitizing
  • Replace the cap after using it to sanitize the brush tip

Care Instructions

Wipe to clean device


Alcohol, PVP, Hydrogen Peroxide, Flavor 

About the Brand

GO SMILE was created by a Dentist and has been trusted for 20 years to help people achieve HEALTHIER, CLEANER, WHITER smiles. Our products are known for innovation, ease of use, and award-winning results with NO SENSITIVITY