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Emergency MultiTool

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The Kelvin 8 Emergency MultiTool features a 2000 mAh hand crank rechargeable power bank, 4 mode LED Flashlight including an SOS signal, a window breaker, seatbelt cutter, electronic strobe, and 100-decibel siren. USB and micro USB ports allow you to power your devices anytime. Great for travel, cars, trucks, campers, and emergency situations like hurricanes, fires, floods, and ice storms. Give your loved ones or yourself the gift of safety this holiday season.


  • One (1) Emergency MultiTool with eight integrated features
  • One (1) micro-USB charging cable
  • One (1) travel pouch
  • Instructional guide


  • Eight integrated tools:
    • Rechargeable USB 2000 mAh Lithium Power Bank: For charging cell phones and other USB-compatible devices
    • USB Charger: For charging the power bank, multitool, and any USB-compatible device
    • Seat Belt Cutter: Razor sharp blade to cut through a seatbelt, with protective covering
    • LED Flashlight: Four light modes, including an SOS signal
    • Window Breaker: Carbon steel hammer designed to shatter windows, with attached safety cover
    • Electronic Strobe: Four built-in alloy magnets to attach the tool to your vehicle when in distress so that the LED safety flashers are visible to others
    • 100 dB Siren: Sends out audio signal so others can hear/find you
    • Hand-Crank Power Generator: Can be self-cranked to regenerate the built-in Lithium battery supply of your Kelvin 8 when recharging by cable is not available so you’re never without power
  • Compact design easily fits in a glove box, purse, and backpack
  • Hand-held and lightweight makes it easy to use for everyone
  • Recharge the Kelvin 8 anywhere with the USB charger or hand-crank tool, no batteries needed
  • Measures 9.5” x 1.96” x 3.1”
  • Weighs 13 oz

How to Use

  • Please refer to the included instructions for setting up and using your Kelvin 8
  • It is recommended to keep your Kelvin 8 fully charged and recharge fully after any usage so you are prepared for emergencies

Care Instructions

Keep dry and wipe to clean

About the Brand

Kelvin designs and manufactures innovative solutions through multifuctional products. Adding style and art to your everyday devices.